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What is an MBA?


MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, the postgraduate program with the highest recognition and international prestige. It is aimed at graduates and professionals who wish to develop their activity in the field of business management.

image What is an MBA?
Studying an MBA allows you to specialize in the management of businesses and companies. Those who study it learn the skills and abilities that any manager should have. It is usually taught by professionals of the sector, and also includes a period of practices so that students can demonstrate what they have learned in a real business environment.

From Mastermania we gather several keys that you should know about MBAs: what the acronyms mean, what contents are taught, what modalities exist, what are the rankings that classify the best MBA …

How was the Master of Business Administration created?

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) has its origins in the traditional postgraduate studies of American universities, and later came to Europe from the hand of the United Kingdom. Although they were born within the universities, MBAs are currently also taught in business schools promoted by private entities, regional institutions, business groups …

What content does an MBA have?

The MBA program is designed to equip the future manager with the skills and knowledge in the functional areas that any person needs when managing a company: communication, financial management, strategic direction, marketing, human resources or operations, among others.

What types of MBA are there?

Currently there are four types of MBA: Executive, International, full-time or part-time:

· Executive MBA: is aimed at executives who wish to expand their business training while working. Students must have a university degree and a minimum experience of 2 to 5 years in management positions.

· Full Time / Part Time MBA: full-time or part-time MBAs are distinguished by how the workload is divided, either in one or two years. The Part Time mode allows to combine studies with work, unlike Full Time, which requires full dedication.

· MBA International: the International MBA program is structured so that training and internships in companies are carried out in several countries. For this reason, the access criteria are more rigorous, since students must accredit an advanced level of languages ​​because it is usually taught in English.